R.L. Banks & Associates, Inc. (RLBA) is a national leader in the planning, implementation, privatization and expansion of commuter, intercity and high speed rail systems. RLBA has been at the forefront of the recent resurgence in passenger rail transportation and is provides comprehensive Passenger Rail Services tailored to the unique needs of each project. The primary Passenger Rail Services offered by RLBA are described below:

Feasibility and Financial Analysis

One of the first steps in determining whether to implement passenger rail service is an initial feasibility study and financial analysis. RLBA offers many decades of experience working with both public and private sector clients to determine the operational and financial feasibility of both turn-key and expansion of commuter and intercity passenger rail service.

Rail Line Assessment, Acquisition and Implementation Assistance

RLBA has assisted clients nationwide achieve success in all stages of commuter rail development, from assessing corridor alternatives to final implementation. RLBA provides a wide spectrum of specialized services include environmental impact analyses, corridor real estate valuation, conceptual engineering, track assessments and freight railroad negations.

Shared Right-of-Way Use Planning

Across the country, the vast majority of intercity passenger and commuter rail services operate on shared infrastructure with freight railroads, creating the need to carefully coordinate freight and passenger rail trains. RLBA brings an unparalleled depth and understanding of freight railroad operations and expert negotiation expertise to assist public and private passenger rail entities plan and execute shared use operations.

Public Private Partnerships 

There has been a growing interest in privatizing operations of some state-supported passenger rail corridors. RLBA specializes in this area of examining economic trends, reviewing demand forecasting, offering procurement assistance and contract analysis and performing due diligence.

Passenger Rail Equipment Appraisal

RLBA is one of the most trusted names in the rail industry in evaluating and valuing passenger rail equipment, including both cars and locomotives. RLBA’s capabilities are scalable, performing on-site and desktop appraisals from single cars or locomotives to entire fleets of equipment.

Operations and Service Planning

A key factor in developing new passenger rail service or altering existing service is ensuring diligent operations and service planning. RLBA has been involved in planning operations of many new-start commuter rail services since the 1980’s, offering expertise in many areas including negotiations with freight railroads, alternatives analysis, rail operations simulation, contract procurement and benefit / cost analysis.