State and Local Government

R.L. Banks & Associates, Inc. (RLBA) is considered one of the most trusted and experienced names in the rail consulting industry, providing expert economic, engineering and service planning counsel on behalf of dozens of state and local government clients. RLBA provides comprehensive State and Local Government Services specialized to the unique needs of each project. The primary categories of State and Local Government Services offered by RLBA are described below:

Federal & State Funding Programs

Federal and State grants and loans play an increasingly important role in both new start and ongoing railroad operations in both the passenger and freight rail sectors.  Grants and loans are vital to many agencies and railroads as they expand or reinvest in their infrastructures.  RLBA brings unmatched knowledge and expertise of these programs and has assisted clients over many decades in applying for and receiving grants and loans.

Grade Crossings

RLBA is regarded as one of the most trusted firms in the area of grade crossing expertise.  RLBA assists many government entities in infrastructure evaluations, safety assessments and traffic flow analyses relating to grade crossings in a local area or on a state-wide basis.

Contraction to Procurement

One critical area of railroad development in which RLBA assists its clients is in the procurement process. RLBA’s capabilities range from reviewing procurement contracts to writing RFPs varying from passenger rail operation services to railcar acquisitions. RLBA works closely with clients nationwide to oversee the process and ensure seamless procurement of rail-related services and materials.

Quiet Zones

As many communities have developed in close proximity to rail lines, some local entities may choose to implement quiet zones to limit disruption from rail activity to nearby residents.  RLBA has performed multiple feasibility analyses as well as conducted field inspections to analyze whether a quiet zone can be qualified in a community.  Many local government clients have benefited from RLBA’s expertise in federal regulations to identify opportunities to increase pedestrian safety around quiet zones.  An RLBA associate was pivotal in drafting the regulations that permit implementation of quiet zones and our in-house expertise on the subject keeps costs low and deliverables on schedule.

State Rail Plans

States seek to reinvest in rail infrastructure and manage growth in both freight and passenger rail and, as such, short and long range State Rail Plans are being generated regularly nationwide.  RLBA is capable of analyzing both local and high-speed passenger rail service, forecasting growth in freight rail traffic as well as predicting future traffic patterns and ensuring full compliance with federal maintenance regulations.  RLBA has assisted several major states in their long-range rail plans.