Public Private Partnerships (S209)

There has been a growing interest in privatizing operations of some state-supported passenger rail corridors. RLBA specializes in this area of examining economic trends, reviewing demand forecasting, offering procurement assistance and contract analysis and performing due diligence.

 Select Project Descriptions:


RLBA was retained to assist INDOT and a consortium of Indiana communities in determining ways to improve the financial performance and operation of the Hoosier State. RLBA’s tasks included the following:

  1. developing a clear and specific Vision Statement;
  2. performing a survey of passengers to determine what riders wanted to see improved about the service;
  3. meeting with representative members of partner communities to incorporate their views into the Vision Statement;
  4. analyzing ridership data;
  5. reviewing detailed cost history;
  6. examining what roles INDOT and partner communities should have in the future;
  7. drafting a Contract Services RFP;
  8. evaluating bids received; and
  9. assistingINDOT and partner communities in negotiating discrete contract terms.


RLBA provided due diligence concerning the potential benefits of outsourcing significant portions of intercity passenger rail service. Section 209 (S209) of the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act (PRIIA) provides opportunities to States to outsource and alter current state-supported passenger rail corridors less than 750 miles. RLBA combined its familiarity with S209 legislation and its significant experience in contracting out of commuter and light rail services to complete a qualitative analysis to determine what was necessary to significantly upgrade passenger rail service along three intercity corridors. The report delivered by RLBA outlined potential changes to operational, institutional and service parameters that could be implemented to improve corridor service.


RLBA was retained to perform a study aimed at quantifying potential means to introduce competition into state-supported intercity passenger rail services. RLBA performed a two-phase study, first outlining opportunities on existing intercity passenger rail corridors and second anticipating future growth opportunities associated with intercity and interstate passenger rail operations. Final work products included recommendations on future corridor governance methodologies, corridor finance opportunities, economic impact of passenger rail service, a case study of existing passenger rail operations subject to PRIIA 209 jurisdiction and the role governments and agencies will play in the future of intercity passenger rail service.