Rail trains in the city

Rail Line Assessment, Acquisition & Implementation Assistance

RLBA has assisted clients nationwide achieve success in all stages of commuter rail development, from assessing corridor alternatives to final implementation. RLBA provides a wide spectrum of specialized services include environmental impact analyses, corridor real estate valuation, conceptual engineering, track assessments and freight railroad negations.

Select Project Descriptions


RLBA assisted five Southern California counties acting together in negotiating trackage rights and purchase agreements with respect to the implementation of Metrolink commuter rail service on 300 miles of right-of-way from a national freight railroad. Specific tasks included: recommending alternative negotiating strategies; research and counsel on numerous issues such as environmental and casualty indemnities; preparation of trackage rights and shared track use agreements; coordination of research with legal counsel and leading the negotiating team dealing with the freight railroad on behalf of the counties.


The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission and Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission retained RLBA to assist them in the development and negotiation of contracts with three major freight railroads to gain access to the District of Columbia and Union Station, the equipment selection and contract operator procurement process, equipment maintenance planning, engineering assessments and establishment of station and yard design standards, development of a business plan process and initial marketing plan and procedures for the annual budget cycle and development of a Financial Management System.


The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) retained RLBA to assist it in valuation studies and negotiation aimed at acquisition of or access to Southern California’s Surf Line to install the Coaster, a new-start commuter rail service linking San Diego with Oceanside, 42 miles north. In addition to designing an overall negotiation strategy, RLBA, with its subcontractors, was responsible for: rights-of-way appraisal, both real property and improvements, a sample review of title company records and an environmental assessment.


On behalf of the Maryland Mass Transit Administration (MTA), RLBA staff performed several strategy, operations planning, valuation and negotiation assignments in connection with acquisition of Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad Company (B&A) right-of-way and trackage for use in a light rail transit system. RLBA worked with B&A’s staff to develop a mutually acceptable, shared use operating plan and redesigned track layout that would accommodate safely both freight and passenger service.