RLBA Completes Three Quiet Zone Studies in 2016 for Public and Private Sector Clients

As freight train volumes continue to grow on railroads across the country, applications submitted to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for the establishment of Quiet Zones – stretches of railroads over which trains receive special permission not to blow horns at highway/railroad grade crossings –continue to increase as well. RLBA remains a leading national provider of Quiet Zone feasibility studies for both public and private entities across the United States. In 2016, RLBA completing three such assignments for the Town of Atherton, CA, the City of Garden City, GA and Oak Tree Development Group.

All three assignments began with an on-site inspection of applicable grade crossings to enabled RLBA to determine the condition of the existing infrastructure and to evaluate the potential improvements required to meet Federal Quiet Zone regulations. Additionally, in each assignment, RLBA utilized the FRA Quiet Zone Calculator to determine the least cost necessary to establish each Quiet Zone, in accordance with the minimum infrastructure requirements needed at each of the observed grade crossings. Finally, RLBA presented each client with an explanation of the steps involved in the qualification process, along with a preliminary estimation of costs to meet minimum initial requirements and a final report on RLBA’s findings and conclusions.